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May 05, 2007

About 'My Japanese Food Recipes.com'

May 5, 2007 02:49 PM | information

Explanation of outline

SiteimageMy Japanese Food Recipes.com is the site informations on my dish was brought together. On this site, I introduce the dishes that can be easily created centering on the dish of Japan.

I was hospitalized by 'Nephrosis syndrome' before. And, I inspect it still once every several months in the hospital. Moreover, I am a nutrient such as salinity and have the intake limitation. Therefore, the dish that I introduce on this site bears 'low salinity' etc. in mind.

Please contact me by e-mail and the mail-form to me if you had the opinion and the question concerning this site. However, I can't answer all your mails.

Mail address: fuwa*jgnn.com("*" change to "@" when you send mails)

I do not guarantee the content of the article on this site. Please judge all of the use of this site from the responsibility of the person himself who read. Even if the reader on this site causes some damage, parties concerned and not the I assume the responsibility.

In addition, I am not good at English. There might be a part not read easily after English is written in this site. I apologize by the respect.


1 type prepared. Please select the image preservation by right-clicking and take it. Please stop the direct link to the images.

(Data when linking)
Title:My Japanese Food Recipes.com


*Links URL or words use the [ ]. Another window opens basically at the link to the outside of this site.
*The link might be set to the images.
*When the article is basically written, the confirmation of the content linking ahead. When the article is inspected, the one and the content that the article has already lost the link ahead might be replaced.


The categories are used on this site as follows.
[Cooked]...We cooked this.
[Microwave]...cooked with microwave.
[Stable][Main][Side][Dessert][Drink]...these are the type of the dish.
[Meat][Fish][Egg][Vegetable]...main material

About the amount

*The amount of the ingredient in recipe is basically for 1-3 peoples. Please actually use your favorite amount by rule of thumb.
*In short, it is important to use the amount of the ingredient properly flexibly. For instance, because salinity is limited for me, the seasonings such as the salts and soy sauces are used few. I get the dish delicious though seasoning becomes thinning a little as a result, too.

About links

The link to this site need not be reported beforehand by the mail so on. It is glad when reporting after the fact as the manager.

The link directly to each article etc. is also free. However, please refrain from a direct link and the reprint in the files and the images (The article and the image are recycled, published again, and the processed reprint etc. are included in the prohibited matter).

Profile of manager

*Handle Name:Fuwa Raizo
*Residence ground:Nerima,Tokyo,Japan
Swing-long stance investor(5 years). Clerical work at the office. In the past , writer about game , history , military and novelist , researcher. It goes regularly to hospital by the nephrosis syndrome, and it is treating it now. Started cooking for the meal recuperation.


May,5,2007 Open


*The company name, the brand name, and the system name, etc. described in this site are the registered trademarks or trademarks of each company. The publishing image has the copyright and the edit right by the one of the JGNN originality making in JGNN. The one that the right is caused in the one having edited it and the object taken a picture of has each right like rights of portrait and the copyright, etc. the object and belonging the object ahead, and has each right like the second copyright etc. in JGNN.
*The rule might change by the change in the situation. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

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