May 12, 2007

Pressure pan

Pressure pan imageThe pressure pan makes neither air nor the liquid run away except the pan and is a pan that can be sealed up. Internal air is pressed and it becomes the high atmospheric pressure when overheating with this pan. And, pressure and a temperature that is higher than usually can be given to an internal ingredient. Consequently, it is possible to cook delicious in a short time. The pressure pan is a cooking utensil that requires careful handling. You should correctly use it often reading the manual.

02:29 PM

Rice cooker

Rice cooker imageThe rice cooker is cooking appliances that cook rice through the medium of electricity. You put the whetstone rice in the rice cooker by water with the water of the proper quantity, and switch on. Then, delicious cooked rice can be done. A recent rice cooker plays the role of the keep-warm plate where the boiled meal is kept warm. There is a rice cooker that can make dishes other than meal in putting various ingredients with meal, too.

02:28 PM

Oven toaster

Oven Toaster imageThe toaster oven is a machine that overheats an electrothermal line and cooks because of the heat. Various dishes can be burnt only and be warmed in the toaster oven unlike the toaster only of the combustion of bread. The toaster only to bake bread was hardly seen in Japan. The toaster indicates the toaster oven in fact. The tray to put the dish on the toaster oven is prepared. The knob to select whether to heat both only the upper part and the lower side of an electrothermal line is prepared in the toaster oven.

02:27 PM

Saran Wrap

Saran Wrap imageSaran Wrap is a lap film for the food packaging of the transparency. You cover food and prevent it from drying. You have not letting moisture in surroundings by covering with Saran Wrap when cooking food with the microwave oven go.

02:25 PM

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil imageAluminum foil is a foil that extends very thinly and created aluminum. It is called the silver paper. When the ingredient is steamed, you use aluminum foil instead of the cap. Moreover, you are burnt without letting good go because it burns after the ingredient is encompassed by aluminum foil. However, please do not put aluminum foil in the microwave oven.

02:24 PM

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