August 02, 2009

Tomato bread with texture(in other words, mochi-mochi)

Tomato bread with texture(in other words, mochi-mochi) Image*Outline
Bread of the mini size with the texture was made from virgin bloody Mary. It is possible to get it without difficulty by the handle of the person whom virgin bloody Mary cannot drink to cook. It is possible to do easily, and the nourishment of the tomato is enough. The flavor of the tomato writes up delicious of bread.

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03:57 PM

June 13, 2009

Banana bread

Banana bread Image*Outline
The bread of the banana taste was made from a minimum material using neither milk nor the egg. Tasting near the cookie where the smell of the banana drifts rather than bread. It becomes delicious sweets with the sweetness of the western-style cakes style in adding the chocolate. Making when the banana remains might be good.

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03:59 PM

May 16, 2009

Pancake mix pizza

Pancake mix pizza Image*Outline
The pizza crust in a troublesome process was substituted by the pancake mix in the pizza making. A sweet cloth becomes a taste like the cake for a moment. Meal and sweets are well matched. The nutritional balance is without any mistake because it uses the vegetable juice.

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10:58 AM

April 11, 2009

Rice meal with bean sprout

Meal with bean sprout Image*Outline
The mix meal made by using the remaining heat of meal. Because the heating time can be also short, the lost nutrient is settled with minimum. Please try when you want to add coloring to the cleaned rice meal for a moment.

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10:30 AM

March 01, 2009


Bagel Image*Outline
The texture like the bagel can be firmly put out though the pancake mix etc. are used. A profound feeling and moderate sweetness are exactly suitable for sweets and meal.

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03:32 PM

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