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July 15, 2007

Japanese style curry stir-frying of potato

July 15, 2007 06:33 PM | cooked , main , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Japanese style curry stir-frying of potato Image*Outline
The potato and the onion were stir-fried with the curry roux or the curry powder. Because the noodle soup for nearby is used, it enjoys a Japanese style taste. It is recommended to eat a lot of potatoes.

Japanese style curry stir-frying of potato Image*Ingredients
Potato:3-4 pieces

Onion:1 piece

Mushroom:2-3 pieces

Butter: A small amount

Salt and pepper: Proper quantity

Caralu(curry powder):1 big spoon

Noodle soup:2 big spoons

1:The potato is sliced to thinning (About 3mm). The onion is cut in the thickness of about 1 centimeter. The mushroom tears by the hand and is reduced.

2:Butter (Margarine in case of not being) is paved and heated to the frying-pan instead of oil. And, the potato is stir-fried. Next, the salt and the pepper are added adding the onion, and, in addition, it stir-fries.

3:The mushroom is added to '2', and, in addition, it stir-fries.

4:When the fire passes to the mushroom and the potato, it stir-fries adding Caralu (curry powder) while mixing it. The curry must get twisted to the potato etc.

5:The noodle soup is added to '4' and it stir-fries further.


1:You might previously stir-fry the mushroom with the potato because it doesn't pass the fire easily to the potato and the mushroom.

2:Delicious will improve if bacon is added in the meaning where fat is held in one's mouth. In that case, please use not the first no butter and margarine but usual oil.

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