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January 30, 2010

A deep frying biscuit

January 30, 2010 02:57 PM | cooked , dessert , recipes

A deep frying biscuit Image*Outline
The biscuit stored as emergency rations in large quantities is a quick change to the cake which I take trouble, and is delicious at all slightly. The doughnut taste can enjoy in particular a slightly rather hard doughnut and about the same taste.

A deep frying biscuit Image*Ingredients
A biscuit: An appropriate amount

Sugar:2 cups of tablespoons

Cinnamon: An appropriate amount

1:Heat oil by medium fire and pour a biscuit into there. Put it on oil blotting papers such as takeoff, the newspaper from oil if I stand for 10 seconds and absorb oil enough.

2:Put '1' in a paper sack and add sugar and cinnamon in that. And wave it well.

3:It is completion.

1: is possible for a cake of the cocoa taste when I use cocoa powder and the sugar of the curry taste when I use curry powder in substitution for cinnamon / sugar.

2:When I lift up a biscuit in oil, please be careful in time. It burn immediately unless you are careful.

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