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August 12, 2007

Boiled in tnick soy with sugar of potato

August 12, 2007 02:11 PM | cooked , meat , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Boiled in tnick soy with sugar of potato Image*Outline
This is a seen dish the Chinese style to which slowness is applied with flour making the potato minute switch off, and adding the green pepper and pork. It becomes tasting refreshing by the use of yuzu orange.

Boiled in tnick soy with sugar of potato Image*Ingredients
Pork: 50g

Potato:1 piece

Green pepper:2 pieces

Yuzu orange:a little

Flour:a little

Seasoning soup:200cc

Soy sauce:2 big spoons

Mirin:2 big spoons

Sugar:1 big spoon

1:The skin of the potato is peeled off. And, the thickness is made 2-3mm switching off. The cut potato is applied by about ten parts of water. And, it puts in the bamboo basket and water is drained.

2:The green pepper is made minute to switch off. Pork is divided in detail.

3:Oil is put in the frying-pan, and, first, the potato is stir-fried. When the fire passes, it returns it to the bamboo basket once.

4:It puts in the frying-pan lightly applying flour to pork this time and it stir-fries as it is.

5:The potato and the green pepper are put in '4' and the seasoning soup, the soy sauce, the mirin, it puts sugar in, and it mixes it.

6:'5' is boiled for about 3 minutes.

7:It shuts off the heat when the fire passes to the green pepper and it becomes soft. And, water is put in flour, toromi(half gel) is applied, and it is added to the frying-pan.

8:When toromi attaches to the whole, it dishes up to the container. And, the one that the yuzu orange was ground down on that is put.


1:Please note the condition about pork and the potato as shown in the fire.

2:It is too hard, and the water increases when it makes a mistake in the amount of flour. Let's add quickly and adjust it when thinking that it makes to few first, and toromi is insufficient.

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