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November 18, 2007

The Welsh onion and the onion are used as a seasoning.

November 18, 2007 01:47 PM | secrets

The Welsh onion and the onion are used as an ingredient of various dishes. On the other hand, it is possible to use it with the unit as a seasoning and an accent of other dishes. The accent joins the dish when making it as "Seasoning" always bringing a constant amount together.

The Welsh onion and the onion are used as a seasoning. Image*Welsh onion of medicinal use
The Welsh onion is put when preserving it as it is under the refrigerator. It freezes when putting it up. A constant amount is put in wrapping and the freezer by the Saranwrap when carving and preserving it.

First of all, when carved what is preserved as it is, the Welsh onion is finely chopped. And, after the kitchen paper is paved in the container, and it dampens it by water, the carving Welsh onion is put. It is eaten for about the fifth.

When it eats noodles such as the miso soup, bean curds, and ramen, it is possible to use it. It is possible to use it at once by passing under the hot water.

The onion puts in the net when using it as it is and lasts long if it hangs it on shade. Moreover, when the volume is increased as a material of the salad, it is possible to use it if the onion thinly sliced is preserved in the refrigerator in Tupper.

Moreover, it is possible to use it as a vegetable paved under the pottery of the meat systems such as hamburg steaks and the steaks. Can it mix adding the dried bonito and the soy sauce, and it be more delicious as the side dish of meal.

₯In both of the seasoning the Welsh onion and the onion, when Tupper (container) is used, it is important to wipe the drop of water that is attached to the cap off diligently. If this is neglected, the pain in an inside Welsh onion and the onion becomes early.

₯There are a lot of one that it is possible to freeze, and it is possible to save by mastering the frozen technique and the repertoire of the dish extends to the vegetable, too. Freezing at yet another chance.

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