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November 17, 2007

Boiled food of 'Radish and pig ribs'

November 17, 2007 02:00 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Boiled food of 'Radish and pig ribs' Image*Outline
Delicious of pork soaks into, and both the radish and pork become delicious. It is possible to taste it healthily by harmony with the radish even with the pig ribs with a lot of fat. The dish that gets warm the body fit, and simply at the season of in season of the radish.

Boiled food of 'Radish and pig ribs' Image*Ingredients

Pig ribs(block):200g

Ginger:1 putting

Dish sake:50cc

Mirin:2 big spoons

Sugar:1 big spoon

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

Salad oil: Proper quantity

1:The radish peels off the skin beautifully washing. And, it makes it to the round slices by the thickness of 2 centimeters. In addition, the round slices is made a half, and it makes it to the type at 'the half moon'.

2:The pig ribs are cut in the hexahedron of 3 centimeters. Ginger is sliced.

3:The pig ribs, ginger, and the dish sake are put in the pan. And, water is added by burying all the pig ribs. And, it puts it on the medium flame. Lye is removed making it to the low flame when boiling.

4:'3' is cooked for about 30 minutes like the low flame.

5:The mirin and sugar are added to '4' and it cooks it for about five minutes. And, the soy sauce is added.

6:Oil is added to the frying-pan and the fire is put. And, both sides of the radish are burnt by lightly burned.

7:'6' is added to '5'. It cooks it until the radish becomes soft like the low flame (Until the color becomes transparent).


1:'4', '5', and '7' can be substituted also with the microwave oven. In that case, please heat it respectively in "10 minutes", "10 minutes", and "15 minutes" putting the Saranwrap.

2:Kneading can be more delicious can along the radish.

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