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March 09, 2008

How to cook the delicious fried rice

March 9, 2008 11:40 AM | secrets

the delicious fried riceI acquire information "The hot plate is used and can be cooked delicious by the fried rice" from the reader. After it had immediately examined it, it decided to practice it because a very interesting story.

Because thermal power is insufficient for no delicious finish of the fried rice. It is impossible in ordinary family's stove. The element acts well if the mayonnaise is used and it completes delicious. However, this is a dernier resort. A person not good at the mayonnaise has the sense of resistance.

Information sent on the bulletin board is as follows.

The fried rice can be cooked delicious by using the hot plate. (special command hope)

This information seems to be true. This dish method is introduced as information taken up by the program for the housewife.

*Meal can be cooked by the high temperature by using the hot plate.

*It is easy for the moisture of each grain to fly because the area is expanded and meal is stir-fried.

From these reasons to "The fried rice can be cooked delicious by using the hot plate" way.

It is inarticulate only in hearsay. I decided to practice it by myself. I procured the equipment for the telephone fixation, and took a picture by a portable animation function.

The process of making the fried rice with the hot plate is actually made animation. OK even if it flies because the long piece of about eight minutes in parts and it sees. I'm sorry because the one to use the animation function of the cellular phone though the image quality is somewhat rough.

the delicious fried riceAs for the process of cooking, I want you to check it from the above-mentioned animation. ([Direct link is here]).The made moisture disappears by the frying-pan really when making it with the hot plate. And, it completes delicious. The story that it was easy to pass the fire because heat infiltrated meal evenly was true. If the mayonnaise is used together of course, a more delicious fried rice will be able to be made.

I found another advantage by the process of making it. Because it doesn't use the fire, it is necessary to be able to cook safely compared with usual "Dish with the stove". If he or she is this, the person who thinks that it makes the teaching dish for the child or the child is also safe.

How to make this fried rice might be a good example "A more wonderful life can be spent by profitable information and a little device".

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