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March 02, 2008

Mustard vinegar miso of onion

March 2, 2008 09:00 PM | dessert , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Mustard vinegar miso of onion Image*Outline
The vinegared dish that makes the onion and the cucumber the main. Dressing only with vinegar is not interesting either. The taste was accented making to the vinegar miso, and adding the mustard in addition. A salted and sweetened tasting favors the freshness of the onion.

Mustard vinegar miso of onion Image*Ingredients
Onion:1 piece


Miso:2 big spoons

Sugar:1 teaspoon

Kneading mustard:1 teaspoon

Vinegar:1 big spoon

Seasoning soup:1 big spoon

Salt:Proper quantity

1:The onion is cut in half length. In addition, it thinly cuts it. And, after boils it with the hot water for 2 minutes, the water is squeezed.

2:The cucumber is thinly cut like seeing the section. And, after the salt is put,often squeezes it.

3:The miso, sugar, and the seasoning soup are added to the pan and it kneads while heating it by the low flame. And, the kneading mustard and vinegar are added further. This is "Mustard vinegar miso. "

4:'1' and '2' are dressed with '3'.


1:The texture disappears when the onion is boiled too much. Take care.

2:Note the fire when the mustard vinegar miso is made. When the fire is too strong, it is burned.

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