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April 12, 2008

Pork rolling of Welsh onion

April 12, 2008 03:40 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Pork rolling of Welsh onion Image*Outline
It is simple only to stir-fry pork and the Welsh onion. Then, the Welsh onion was rolled with pork and it fried in oil. It seasons with ginger and the soy sauce, and a splendid Japanese style side dish is ready. Painful of the cayenne pepper becomes an accent.

Pork rolling of Welsh onion Image*Ingredients
Welsh onion:2

Sesame oil:1 teaspoon


Flour:1 teaspoon

Red cayenne pepper:1

Frying oil:Proper quantity

Ginger:1 putting

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

Vinegar:1 big spoon

Sugar:1 big spoon

Dish sake:1 big spoon

1:The Welsh onion is cut in the length of 15 centimeters. And, sesame oil is painted. Afterwards, it burns with the gridiron.

2:Pork is expanded. And, the Welsh onion of '1' is put on that. And, it doubly rolls it.

3:Flour is sprinkled to '2'. Flour is applied to the last part of the rolled meat, it holds firmly, and it substitutes about the adhesive.

4:A red cayenne pepper takes the seed. And, diagonally cuts it in about 2 or 3. Ginger is thinly cut.

5:The frying oil is heated up to 180 degrees. And, '3' is deep-fried for about 2 minutes.

6:Vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, dish sake, and '4' are mixed. And, it heats by the medium flame and it is boiled once. The boiling fire is stopped and the meat rolling of '5' is soaked.

7:'6' is taken out, it puts on the plate, and the soup of the remainder of '6' is put.


1:You may put the meat rolling that tears up the cabbage, is paved in the plate beforehand, and deep-fried.

2:You may add the lemon soup by the favorite instead of ginger.

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