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August 17, 2008

Oil cake

August 17, 2008 03:10 PM | cooked , dessert , egg , recipes

Oil cake Image*Outline
The easy friedcake that can be made as long as there are a soft flour, an egg, and sugar. The texture of hardening increases the volume feeling, and the stomach is swollen. The application will work variously because a simple making, too.

Oil cake Image*Ingredients

Sugar:2 big spoons

Soft flour: 200g

Sesame:Proper quantity

1:Sesame, the soft flour, the egg, and sugar are put and mixed with the bowl. Make it to one summary politely mixing it.

2:'1' is extended to the thickness of about 5mm with the rolling pin and it divides.

3:'2' is deep-fried until the oil of the low flame or the medium flame keeps light brown.


1:The material might stick to the cutting board. It might be good to put and to extend the material that paves below and mixes the cooking paper beforehand. And, it is safe even if it fries in oil with the material put on the cooking paper.

2:You may put the nut and the green laver instead of sesame. Moreover, you may put raw sugar that puts, and melts raw sugar in surroundings of the deep-fried final product instead of sugar (Become Carintou).

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