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November 08, 2008

Fruit water sweet jelly made from bean jam

November 8, 2008 10:00 AM | cooked , dessert , recipes

Fruit water sweet jelly made from bean jam Image*Outline
Japanese style sweetness and fresh sweetness of the pineapple match to exquisiteness in this sweet jelly made from bean jam. A European style japanese-style confection for a moment. It matches to refreshments and a fashionable dessert. Moreover, various applications are effective by changing the content of the fruit.

Fruit water sweet jelly made from bean jam Image*Ingredients
Powder agar-agar: Teaspoon 1/2

It strains and bean jam: 200g.

Pineapple:1 slice

1:Water 200cc and the powder agar-agar are put in the pan. And, boil it while mixing it for about 1 minute when heating by the low flame and boiling. And, the palanquin bean jam is put and mixed. It shuts off the heat when finishing mixing it.

2:The pineapple is cut in all sides 1.5 centimeters.

3:The lap is put on a small bowl of 5-10 centimeters in the diameter. And, four big spoon '1' is put. Moreover, '2' is put.

4:'3' is squeezed like the bag, it stops on with the rubber band, and hang it. It hangs for about 30 minutes and hardens . And, cool it with the refrigerator for 1 hour afterwards.


1:Let's put various fruits such as the apple, mandarin oranges, and grapes instead of the pineapple and make an original soft adzuki-bean jelly.

2:Please make it greatly when you put the Saranwrap on the ball.

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