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January 12, 2009

Southern barbarians vinegar of bean sprout

January 12, 2009 12:10 PM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Southern barbarians vinegar of bean sprout Image*Outline
The one of pungently painful vinegar made from the bean sprout and the red bell pepper. Coloring the red bell pepper can be beautiful, and it also enjoy externals. Because it is possible to make it easily, it is recommended to add another goods dish.

Southern barbarians vinegar of bean sprout Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout:100g

Red bell pepper:1/4 pieces

Vinegar:1 big spoon + 1 teaspoon

Sweet soy-beans bar:1/2 teaspoons

Sesame oil:1/2 teaspoons

Seasoning soup:50cc

Sugar:1 teaspoon

Salt:A little

1:The bean sprout is put in the bamboo basket, the hot water is sprinkled on, and boil it. And, leave as it is for about 5 minutes, and heat is awoken. Afterwards, 1 teaspoon vinegar is sprinkled.

2:The red bell pepper is similarly boiled. And, thinly cut it in the portrait.

3:Sugar, salt, and sweet soy-beans bar are matched and "Southern barbarians vinegar" is made by the seasoning soup, sesame oil, and 2 big spoons of vinegar.
4:The bean sprout and the red bell pepper are dished up to the plate, and '3' is sprinkled.


1:You may use the hot sesame oil instead of sesame oil when there is no sweet soy-beans bar

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