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September 12, 2009

Blueberry ice

September 12, 2009 11:28 AM | cooked , dessert , egg , recipes

Blueberry ice Image*Outline
I made frozen ice with the materials which a hand was familiar to. A thing of various taste is made when I change the jam of materials. When it is hot, let's enjoy a feeling chilly in this.

Blueberry ice Image*Ingredients
Blueberry jam:3 cups of tablespoons


Fresh cream:100cc

Sugar:3 cups of tablespoons

1:Percent divides an egg into a white and a yolk.

2:The yolk puts 1 cup of sugar tablespoon and warm in hot water. And mix blueberry jam.

3: The white puts 2 cups of sugar tablespoons and stirs it with a whisk and makes it meringue.

4:Add '2' and '3' to fresh cream and stir it calmly. And put it in a container.

5:Let put '4' in a freezer and freeze for approximately 4 hours.


1:The yolk will stir it quickly. It may be harden.

2:Let's use it if you have a hand mixer when you stir a white.

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