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May 20, 2007

Oziya with toppings and green tea

May 20, 2007 03:23 PM | cooked , main , microwave , recipes

Oziya with toppings and green tea Image*Outline
Oziya is the dish that the addition of moisture to the meal boiled once, and cooking again. The way of making is different though it looks like the risotto. It is known as a dish that the condition of the body badness doesn't put a strain in the stomach. It is convenient because it is possible to make it easily when there is no time.

Oziya with toppings and green tea Image*Ingredients
Boiled rice: One cup
Water:Proper quantity
Package of tea pickle: One bag

1:Package of the tea pickle is sprinkled on boiled rice.

2:Water is poured by putting on of the rice.

3:It warms it with the microwave oven as it is for about five minutes.


1:Just good by disappear the water put in cooking time. Please adjust it with the microwave oven.

2:Please make mere tea instead of water when there is not package of the tea pickle.

3:When various toppings such as carved spring onion and seaweed are added, it is delicious.

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