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July 29, 2007

Mirin ragout of carrot

July 29, 2007 11:46 AM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Mirin ragout of carrot Image*Outline
The dish that put the mirin that can enjoy different from sweetness and that of the carrot sweetness and delicious together. It is likely to be able to enjoy it more than it eats with single goods as suiting putting up of meat and fish's main dishes.

Mirin ragout of carrot Image*Ingredients

Mirin:Proper quantity

Water:Proper quantity

1:The carrot is made the round slices of the thickness about 2 centimeters. What became large circle is cut in the half further, and made a semicircle type.

2:The carrot is put in the pan. And, water and the mirin are added to the pan at a rate of 2:1. The amount covers with the entire carrot and is a certain level.

3:It covers with the cooking paper up, and the drop lid is made. And, it cooks it by can even pass chopsticks through the carrot by medium flame-low flame.


1:It can enjoy another tasting by adding the pepper and the cayenne pepper. However, eating as it is because of tasting of this dish the sweetness of the carrot and the mirin might be the best.

2:The pan is able not to be used and to make it also with the microwave oven. The drop lid is made from not the cooking paper in that case but the Saranwrap, and, in addition, it covers on that with the Saranwrap. It is likely to have to adjust it according to the amount and the kind of the microwave oven though the heating time is about 7 minutes.

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