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August 26, 2007

Sesame miso stir-frying of pork and potato

August 26, 2007 04:49 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Sesame miso stir-frying of pork and potato Image*Outline
The dish that stir-fried pork and the potato with very good compatibility with the miso flavor. The volume is enough because it uses enough potato. It is suitable for the side dish of meal well.

Sesame miso stir-frying of pork and potato Image*Ingredients



Green pepper:1 piece

Sesame:2 teaspoons

Salad oil:Proper quantity

Soy sauce:1 teaspoon

Mirin:2 teaspoons

Pepper:Proper quantity

Miso:1/2 teaspoons

Sugar:1 teaspoon

1:Pork is made minute to switch off.

2:Soup for the seasoning of pork is made mixing 1/2 soy sauce teaspoons, 1 mirin teaspoon, and the proper quantity of the pepper. '1' is applied to the soup.

3:The potato is thinly cut, and applied to water. It tears up the carrot and the green pepper.

4:Tare is created mixing 1 sesame teaspoon, 1/2 soy sauce teaspoons, 1 mirin teaspoon, 1 sugar teaspoon, and 1/2 miso teaspoons.

5:The frying-pan is heated and '1' is stir-fried in the salad oil.

6:The carrot is added to the frying-pan and it stir-fries. And, the potato is added to the green pepper and it stir-fries.

7:'4' is added to the frying-pan, and to soak into the material, mix is stir-fried.

8:1 sesame teaspoon is added to '7' and mixing is stir-fried a little.


1:The cayenne pepper suits the miso well. It might be also good to add the cayenne pepper (Or, powdered cayenne pepper) carved with the miso a little.

2:The person who likes potato may increase the amount of the potato a little more.

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