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August 28, 2007

Tempura of burdock and carrot(Kakiage of burdock and carrot)

August 28, 2007 03:11 PM | cooked , egg , main , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Tempura of burdock and carrot Image*Outline
A simple taste and the smell are wonderful tempuras. The dietary fiber is abundantly included and it is healthy. The tooth response also is full marks and has the eating effect. You may use it to cook making and the remainder a lot.

Tempura of burdock and carrot(Kakiage of burdock and carrot) Image*Ingredients


Egg:1/2 pieces



Seasoning with salt and pepper:Proper quantity

Vinegar:Proper quantity

1:It makes to the burdock, five centimeters the carrot length, and the thickness about 5 centimeters and it makes it to a minute switching off. And, it removes harshness applying it to the one that water and vinegar were mixed.

2:Flour is added mixing the egg and water. And, it lightly mixes it.

3:The burdock and the carrot are put out from water and water is drained beautifully. And, seasoning with salt and pepper is sprinkled.

4:'3' is added to '2', it mixes lightly, and it often twines round surroundings.
5:It deep-fries in oil that warms '4'.


1:The little boy carrot becomes difficult for the fire to pass it if it thick cuts it. Let's divide so that the thickness may become even.

2:It is delicious even if eating applying the soy sauce even if it eats the deep-frying setting up as it is.

3:Oil is a medium flame. Oil splashes greatly when the material is put when making it to the high heat and it is dangerous.

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