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September 15, 2007

Soup of chinese cabbage and mushroom

September 15, 2007 04:02 PM | cooked , egg , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Soup of chinese cabbage and mushroom Image*Outline
The simple soup (Japanese broth) created only with the chinese cabbage and the mushroom. It is fit in the putting suiting etc. of the deep-frying thing to say nothing of the miso soup taking the place. The smell of sesame oil favors delicious.

Soup of chinese cabbage and mushroom Image*Ingredients
Chinese cabbage:2 bunches

Raw Shiitake Mushroom:2 pieces


Source of Chinese soup:Big spoon 1/2

Sake:1 big spoon

Salt:A little

Pepper:A little

Sesame oil:A little

1:The chinese cabbage is often washed. And, the root is cut. In addition, it cuts it in the length of 3 centimeters. The part where the branch hard is cut, and the mushroom is cut thinly.

2:The source, sake, the salt, and the pepper of water and Chinese soup are put in the pan. And, it is boiled.

3:'1' is added to '2' and it heats in the low flame.

4:It heats further for about 10 seconds adding sesame oil when the fire passes to '3' and it shuts off the heat.


1:It is delicious even if the egg is put with sesame oil and it mixes it lightly.
2:Please substitute it with the mirin when there is no sake. Please substitute it with the soy sauce and the ramen soup when there is no source of Chinese soup.

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