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September 04, 2007

Stir-fry flavor of Houren grass and eggplant

September 4, 2007 06:03 PM | cooked , egg , main , meat , microwave , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Stir-fry flavor of Houren grass and eggplant Image*Outline
The side dish of an easy stir-frying style that uses the Houren grass, the eggplant, and the egg. Coloring is good, and a lot of nourishment is included. Enough and the vegetable can be gathered if it makes it when thinking that the vegetable is insufficient.

Stir-fry flavor of Houren grass and eggplant Image*Ingredients
Houren grass:3 stocks

Eggplant: 1

Mushroom:2 pieces

Bacon: 1-2 pieces


Salt:A little

Pepper:A little

1:The Houren grass and the eggplant are beautifully washed. And, the Houren grass is cut in about 5 centimeters. After length remunerative, the eggplant does two to the shape of the circle by the width of 5milli completely.

2:After it washes, the mushroom is sliced. Bacon is cut in about 3 centimeters.

3:The Houren grass, the eggplant, the mushroom, and bacon are put on the plate. And, the salt and the pepper are sprinkled on that.

4:It covers '3' with the Saranwrap and it heats it with the microwave oven for 2 minutes.

5:The egg is divided and put on a central part of '4'. And, the toothpick or the fork are pierced to the part of the yolk, and the film is punctured.

6:It heats it for 1 and a half minutes putting the Saranwrap on '5' again.


1:The purpose of piercing the yolk of the egg with the toothpick is to avoid exploding when heating it.

2:Please slice the mushroom thinly. Heat doesn't pass when there is a thickness.

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