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October 08, 2007

Japanese style sweet potato

October 8, 2007 10:44 AM | cooked , dessert , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Japanese style sweet potato Image*Outline
The sweet potato of shape like the dumpling. It became it when having it a Japanese style tasting because raw sugar was woven to the inside. The raw sugar that melts because of heat favors delicious.

Japanese style sweet potato Image*Ingredients
Sweet potato:1

Sugar:1 big spoon

Salt:A little

Flour:3 big spoons

Raw sugar:Several(block card)

Oil:Proper quantity

1:The skin is peeled off and the sweet potato is cut in all sides 2 centimeters. And, it soaks it to water (For about 10 minutes).

2:The sweet potato of '1' is put in the pan. And, water is put in by soaking of the sweet potato. And, it ignites and it boils it.

3:When the sweet potato boils again and the fire passes, it shuts off the heat. And, the hot water is thrown away, the fire is put on the pan that became only a sweet potato again, and in powder.

4:It makes it as kneading to crushing '3'. And, it mixes it further adding sugar, the salt, and 1 big spoon of flour.

5:'4' is rounded to the shape of the gem of about 3-5 centimeters in the diameter (dumpling). And, to wrap the raw sugar of the block card, it puts it.

6:Flour is thinly sprinkled to '5'.

7:It deep-fries until toasting by oil that heats '6'.


1:The fire doesn't pass to the inside when it is too large when rounding it.

2:It might be also good to put soybean flour, sesame, and granulated sugar after it deep-fries.

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