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October 13, 2007

Salted and sweetened dumpling of sweet potato

October 13, 2007 02:36 PM | cooked , dessert , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Salted and sweetened dumpling of sweet potato Image*Outline
Potato starch was kneaded to the crushed sweet potato, it crowded, and it baked it. Tare made from and the soy sauce favors delicious further. There is a weight feeling in the texture the feature because of the use of potato starch.

Salted and sweetened dumpling of sweet potato Image*Ingredients
Sweet potato:1

Potato starch:3 big spoons

Salad oil:1 big spoon

Sugar:2 teaspoons

Soy sauce:2 teaspoons

1:The skin is peeled off and the sweet potato is steamed. You may heat it with the microwave oven for about 5 minutes. And, it makes it like the kneading thing to crushing with the spoon etc.

2:Potato starch is mixed with the sweet potato of '1'. And, it rounds it to a favorite size.

3:Oil is poured into the frying-pan, and it heats it. And, '2' is burnt. It burns until toasting.

4:Sugar and the soy sauce are added to the place where '3' of the frying-pan is not put and it shuts off the heat at once. It mixes warming it by remaining heat, and it beautiful both sides paints it on '3'.


1:It evaporates when timing in which the soy sauce is added is mistaken to sugar by '4' or it has strong caloric force. After it shuts off the heat, you may heat it by the remaining heat.

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