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November 04, 2007

Cabbage heap curry pan of Japanese style soup

November 4, 2007 01:42 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Cabbage heap curry pan of Japanese style soup Image*Outline
The cabbage is a vegetable curry pot dish of the main. The curry and the cabbage are the taste each other unexpectedly one though the cabbage is not usually put in the curry and rice. It becomes a peculiar sweet curry flavor sweetly of the cabbage and the bean sprout.

Cabbage heap curry pan of Japanese style soup Image*Ingredients


Cabbage:1/3 pieces

Bean sprout:1/2 bags

Hard tofu:1/2 packing


Seasoning soup:300-400cc

Mirin:3 big spoons

Soy sauce:3 big spoons

Curry powder:2 big spoons

1:The cabbage washes beautifully, and chops off the wick. And, it cuts it in all sides 3 centimeters. The sausage is cut in the half. The bean sprout is beautifully washed. The skin is peeled off washing the carrot. And, it cuts it in thinning.

2:The seasoning soup, the mirin, and the soy sauce are put in the pan and it heats it.

3:When '2' boils, pork is added. And, the lye that comes out from pork is politely taken.

4:When lye doesn't come out, the sausage, the carrot, and the hard tofu are added to the pan.

5:When the fire passes to '4', the soup of the pan is moved to another container a little. The curry powder is melted in the moved container. And, the soup of the curry powder is added to the pan little by little.

6:The cabbage and the bean sprout are added to the pan. And, it heats it until the fire passes.

7:When the fire passes to the cabbage and the coconut, it shuts off the heat.


1:Let's add meal to the soup that remained in the pan after it eats enough vegetable and make it to Ojiya. It is possible to enjoy it twice with a dish once.

2:The bean curd collapses when the fire is too strong.

3:Please adjust the amount of the seasoning soup according to the vegetable.

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