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November 08, 2007

Apple doughnut

November 8, 2007 10:28 AM | cooked , dessert , microwave , recipes

Apple doughnut Image*Outline
The doughnut of a gentle taste where the apple of which it heated with the microwave oven and sweetness went out was included on the inside. Making when a lot of apples are obtained might be good.

Apple doughnut Image*Ingredients

Sugar:1 big spoon

Lemon:1/4 pieces

Pancake mix:200g

Hard tofu:50g

Salad oil:1 big spoon

Frying oil:Proper quantity

Cinnamon sugar:Proper quantity

1:The apple peels off the skin. And, the wick is taken. In addition, it makes it like the block to the division of of each into three by 8 capitation. The block is displayed to a heatproof plate. In addition, sugar , water 200cc and soup that squeezes a lemon are added, and the Saranwrap is put. And, it heats it with the microwave oven for 3 minutes.

2:The hard tofu, the salad oil, and the pancake mix are often mixed in the container. And, it mixes up it with the hand. In addition, the Saranwrap is put on the container making like the ball and collectively. It leaves it as it is for about 10 minutes.

3:'2' is put on the palm little by little, '1' is encompassed, and it rounds it.
4:It deep-fries slowly in oil to which '3' is heated by the medium flame. It puts on the oil switching off paper, and oil is cut when rising.

5:The cinnamon sugar is sprinkled on '4'.


1:There is no water needing when the pancake mix is mixed. However, please add water in 10cc if the stickiness is strong or the part of the powder remains.

2:Instead, please add two milk big spoons and eggs one when there is no bean curd.

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