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January 26, 2008

Spring roll of pumpkin

January 26, 2008 02:39 PM | cooked , dessert , microwave , recipes , side

Spring roll of pumpkin Image*Outline
A large amount of pumpkins that were able to be bought cheaply were deep-fried with the skin of the spring roll when becoming harvest time. Tasting that peculiar sweetness to the pumpkin is good has been put out. An article fit as for sweets and the side dish.

Spring roll of pumpkin Image*Ingredients

Skin of spring roll:6 pieces

Raw sugar:2 big spoons

Salt:A little

Frying oil:Proper quantity

1:The pumpkin peels off the skin. And, washes in water. And, cuts it in the hexahedron of 3 centimeters. The cut pumpkin is put in a heatproof container, and it covers with the Saranwrap. And, heats it with the microwave oven for 5 minutes.

2:Raw sugar and the salt are added to '1', and mixes it while crushing the pumpkin. Grind it down enough.

3:'2' is encompassed by the skin of rolling in spring. It fixes firmly applying water to the part where wrapping was finished.

4:The frying oil is heated, and '3' is deep-fried with the medium flame.


1:Because the pumpkin is sweet enough, raw sugar need not be put.

2:A delicious spring roll can live even if the pumpkin is crushed rough or is crushed in detail.

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