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January 04, 2008

Tile buckwheat

January 4, 2008 02:51 PM | cooked , egg , meat , recipes , staple , vegetable & fruit

Tile buckwheat Image*Outline
Country dishes in the Chugoku region in Japan. It seemed to burn the tile of the house originally and to have cooked on that. It burns with the frying-pan usually this time. The chow mein that changes a little.

Tile buckwheat Image*Ingredients
Seasoning soup: 500ml

Soy sauce: Five big spoons

Mirin: Six big spoons

Sugar: Three big spoons

Vinegar: One big spoon

Buckwheat: 200g

Beef: 200g

Egg: 2

Welsh onion: Proper quantity

Seaweed: Proper quantity

Oil:Proper quantity

1:3 big spoons of the soy sauce, 4 big spoons of the mirin, 1 big spoon of sugar, and 1 big spoon of vinegar are put in the seasoning soup. And, it is boiled by one degree heating it (You may put vinegar in soup for the sold noodle). This becomes applying soup.

2:After the egg is often mixed, it burns with the frying-pan lightly. And, it cuts it in about 1 centimeter in the thickness.

3:The frying-pan is heated and beef, 2 big spoons of sugar, 2 big spoons of the soy sauce, and 2 big spoons of the mirin are added. And, it stir-fries until the color of beef changes.

4:The oil of 1 teaspoon is added to the frying-pan and it heats it. And, the buckwheat is stir-fried for about 1 minute.

5:'4' is moved to the plate. And, '2', '3', and seaweed are carved up and it dishes up beautifully.

6:It is made to soak the soup of '1' in '5' and to eat.


1:The buckwheat scorches at once. Note putting the fire too much.

2:You may not heat with the frying-pan, and use the hot plate by the buckwheat. It moves to the plate in that case and don't change it. An egg and beef, etc. as it is are put. And, it eats.

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