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December 30, 2007

Bean curd ball doughnut

December 30, 2007 11:40 AM | cooked , dessert , recipes

Bean curd ball doughnut Image*Outline
A ball doughnut was made from the pancake mix. Healthy finish because it kneaded by using the bean curd without using the egg instead. Be satisfied of two kinds (the soybean flour taste and the sesame taste).

Bean curd ball doughnut Image*Ingredients
Pancake mix:100g

Silk bean curd:70g

Soybean flour:Proper quantity

Granulated sugar(sugar):Proper quantity

White sesame:Proper quantity

1:The pancake mix is put in the bowl. The bean curd is added to the bowl with the spoon. And, firmly mixes it. It divides into halving. And, of each is rounded. Another half sprinkles sesame to the whole though the half is left as it is.

2:Oil is heated. And, '1' is deep-fried with the medium flame.

3:The one that soybean flour and granulated sugar were mixed in this amount is sprinkled to not sprinkling sesame of '2'.


1:There is no water needing when the pancake mix is mixed.

2:The fire doesn't pass to the inside even if it fries in oil when it is too large when the cloth is rounded. Note the size.

3:It ends without sticking to the hand when the hand is wet beforehand when the rounded cloth is dropped to oil.

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