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February 09, 2008

The tempura of the onion

February 9, 2008 09:35 PM | cooked , egg , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

The tempura of the onion Image*Outline
Simple made only from onion. Using it to make together when other deep-frying things are made, and to add the vegetable might be good. The article suitable for the Japanese food and the European food depending on the applying soup.

The tempura of the onion Image*Ingredients

Egg:1/2 pieces


Cold water:Proper quantity

(bamboo skewer:Some)

1:The onion is cut in half length. And, the cut is done in the direction made a right angle with the fiber below completely. About 1 centimeter of the thickness might be good. It becomes shape at the half month.

2:'1' is pierced with a long spit.

3:Mixes it putting the egg in the bowl and adding a small amount of cold water. And, flour is added, and mixes it to extent of which stickiness doesn't go out several times. This becomes "Covered Clothes(Koromo)".

4:'2' is applied to '3' evenly.

5:Oil is heated at the low temperature. And, '4' is deep-fried. It puts out from oil, and oil is taken with oil blotting paper etc. when becoming light brown.


1:You will eat applying the soup of the source, the soy sauce, and the tempura by the favor.

2:When it is not easy to eat, let's pull out the spit.

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