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March 15, 2008

Hotful stir-fry of chicken and tomato

March 15, 2008 09:30 AM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Hotful stir-fry of chicken and tomato Image*Outline
The sweetness of the tomato and hotful of sweet soy-beans bar add the accent to the taste of the chicken. The vegetable can be taken enough. A fit article in the side dish of meal.

Hotful stir-fry of chicken and tomato Image*Ingredients
Chicken (thigh meat):1 smallness

Salt:A little

Sesame oil:1 teaspoon

Tomato:1/2 pieces

Onion:1/2 pieces

Dish sake:1 big spoon

Sweet soy-beans bar:1/4 Teaspoon

Oil:Proper quantity

1:The chicken is cut in the size eaten in one mouthful. And, mixes it enough adding the half of the salt and sesame oil. And, it waits for 10 minutes.

2:The tomato is cut in the half. And, cuts it in 1 centimeter in thickness further. The onion is thinly sliced. And, piles thinly it up in the plate.

3:Chicken is stir-fried with the medium flame in oil heating the frying-pan. When the color on the surface of chicken changes, the dish sake is added. And, makes it to roasting in a covered pan by the low flame for about 3 minutes. And, shuts off the heat and chicken is taken out of the frying-pan.

4:Sesame oil and sweet soy-beans bar of the remainder are added to the frying-pan. And, the tomato is stir-fried with the medium flame for 30 seconds.

5:The chicken of '3' is added to '4' and it stir-fries for about 30 seconds.

6:'5' is piled up on the onion of '2' and matches it.


1:You may use lettuce and the cabbage instead of the onion.

2:When the tomato is intensely stir-fried, it is out of shape. Note it.

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