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March 30, 2008

Boiling of combustion Welsh onion

March 30, 2008 11:40 AM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Boiling of combustion Welsh onion Image*Outline
A simple boiled food from which the Welsh onion is eaten enough. The accent is added to the taste in cooking the red pepper together. It does recommended so that the article may add to the side dish.

Boiling of combustion Welsh onion Image*Ingredients
Welsh onion:2

Red pepper:4

Seasoning soup:100cc

Sugar:1 teaspoon

Mirin:1 big spoon

Soy sauce:1 teaspoon

Dried bonito:Proper quantity

1:The Welsh onion cuts a white part in the length of five centimeters. The red pepper cuts out the part in an upper and lower point, and takes out the seed of contents.

2:The gridiron is heated. And, the Welsh onion is lightly burnt by the medium flame until the color adheres.

3:The seasoning soup, sugar, the mirin, and the soy sauce are put in the pan. And, it is boiled by the medium flame by one degree.

4:The red pepper of Welsh onion of '2' and '1' is added to '3', and cook it by the medium flame for about 2 minutes.

5:The Welsh onion and the red pepper are taken out of '4', it piles up in the plate, and matches it. And, the dried bonito is sprinkled on.


1:Because the cayenne pepper is the one of seasoning, you may not eat. If Shishi-to(like the red pepper,but the color is green and not hot) is put instead, it is possible to eat together.

2:Note the combustion of the Welsh onion too much.

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