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March 22, 2008

Fried rice of Welsh onion

March 22, 2008 05:40 PM | cooked , egg , recipes , staple , vegetable & fruit

Fried rice of Welsh onion Image*Outline
A simple fried rice that used vegetable "Welsh onion" that obtaining is always always easy all the year round. It is recommended for the time thought to be a little insipid and the easy finish of meal in simple rice.

Fried rice of Welsh onion Image*Ingredients
Rice:For as many as 1 teacup

Salad oil:3 teaspoons


Welsh onion:1

Salt:A little

Pepper:A little

1:The Welsh onion is finely chopped. The egg is divided, and mixed.

2:Heats the frying-pan until steam occurs from. And, the salad oil is added, and, in addition, the egg of '1' is added. And, often mixes it.

3:The Welsh onion of '1' is added to '2', and the more the fire passes (For about 30 seconds), the more it stir-fries.

4:Riceis added to '3'. And, the salt and the pepper are sprinkled, and it stir-fries with the high heat. Please mix it until the fire passes to rice, and the salt and the pepper, etc. mix.


1:It might be also good for seasoning to use the soy sauce, catsup, and the curry powder, etc. instead of the salt.

2:The sprinkle of sesame immediately before shutting off the heat as the accent of the taste, and a little mixing might be also good.

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