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July 28, 2008

Japanese style tomato sauce

July 28, 2008 09:00 AM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Japanese style tomato sauce Image*Outline
Usual tomato sauce improves the calorie and salinity. However, salinity and the calorie are little if it makes it by oneself and it ends. Moreover, because the cuts and the dried radish is added, enough nutrient is contained. Moreover, it is a high point not to use oil. Please give to the meat cookery and the fish dish.

Japanese style tomato sauce Image*Ingredients
Tomato:Smallness 1

It cuts and the dried radish:30g

Seasoning soup:A small amount

1:It cuts and the dried radish is applied to water for 15 minutes. And, it cuts and the dried radish is taken out. The water is booked without throwing it away. It cuts and after water is squeezed, the dried radish is cut in detail.

2:The skin is peeled off and the tomato is cut in pieces in detail.

3:Water of '1' and '2' are added to the pan. In addition, the seasoning soup is added.

4:'3' is cooked by the low flame for about 20 minutes. Cook it until the water disappears.


1:Please add a small amount of soy sauce or noodle soup when it tastes and the taste is thin.

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