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August 03, 2008

New ginger rice

August 3, 2008 01:55 PM | cooked , recipes , staple , vegetable & fruit

New ginger rice Image*Outline
The mix rice that put new ginger and the fried bean curd. Fresh hotful and the smell of new ginger favor the appetite. Easily it is possible to make, and the accent will be added to the table.

New ginger rice Image*Ingredients
Rice:For 1 cup(200cc)

New ginger: 20g

Fried bean curd:1/3 pieces

Dish sake:1 big spoon

Soy sauce:1 teaspoon

Seasoning soup:Proper quantity

1:The fried bean curd boils with the hot water for about 30 seconds and does the oil pulling out. And, the water is taken. And, cut in pieces in detail.

2:New ginger is beautifully washed. And, it long and slenderly cuts it in the length of 2 centimeters without peeling off the skin.

3:Rice is washed and it puts it in the rice cooker. And, the soy sauce, the dish sake, and the seasoning soup are added, and make it to a usual amount of moisture.

4:'1' and '2' are added to '3'. And, cook it with the rice cooker.


1:Besides, you may add the carrot and the burdock of the tear though the person who wants to enjoy the taste of new ginger simply is good as it is.

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