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September 01, 2008

Deep-frying gem Onigiri

September 1, 2008 08:35 PM | cooked , recipes , staple

Deep-frying gem Onigiri Image*Outline
The rice ball that used the deep-frying gem in detail. The taste that changes for a moment is. A peculiar texture adds the accent to the rice ball. Please try when getting tired of a usual rice ball.

Deep-frying gem Onigiri Image*Ingredients
Deep-frying gem:1/3 cups(70cc)

Soy sauce:2 teaspoons


dried bonito was plane:1 packing(2g)

1:The soy sauce is put in the deep-frying gem. And, mix it.

2:Rice is put in the bowl, and, in addition, '2' is added. In addition, the shavings of dried bonito is put and mixed.

3:'2' is divided in 4 volumes. And, to become triangular shape, grasp it.


1:Please note the burn when grasping.

2:You may add sesame.

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