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December 22, 2008

Curry flavor ragout stir-frying of bean sprout

December 22, 2008 07:45 AM | cooked , meat , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Curry flavor ragout stir-frying of bean sprout Image*Outline
The curry powder is used and the upgrade of a mere bean sprout stir-frying in the culinary triumph. The curry is that a lot of people like it because the adult and the child are the loved tastes though externals are simple.

Curry flavor ragout stir-frying of bean sprout Image*Ingredients
Minced meat:50g

Sesame oil:2 teaspoons

The bean sprout:1 bag

Dried bonito:Proper quantity

Pepper:A little

1:Sesame oil is put in the frying-pan, and heat it by the medium flame. When steam stands, the minced meat is put and it heats.

2:The bean sprout is added to '1'. And, water 100cc is added to the pan when stir-frying for about 1 minute sprinkling the pepper. And, cap it on (Put it into the state of roasting in a covered pan).

3:The cap is opened and shut off the heat when the sound from the pan changes, and internal moisture is lost.

4:'3' is moved to the plate and the dried bonito is sprinkled on.


1:You may add the finely chopped carrot etc.Moreover, the texture increases if sesame is sprinkled with the dried bonito.

2:A lot of moisture is attached on the back side of the cap when roasting in a covered pan. Please do not do the burn because of the drop of water when it is possible to lift the lid.

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