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December 22, 2008

Minced meat curry miso of boiling bean sprout

December 22, 2008 07:40 AM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Minced meat curry miso of boiling bean sprout Image*Outline
The boiling bean sprout of the received curry miso taste of everyone from the child to the adult. Because a lot of bean sprouts with the texture are eaten, the sense of fullness is obtained.

Minced meat curry miso of boiling bean sprout Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout:1 bag

Pig minced meat:100g

Salad oil:2 teaspoons

Scallion:10 centimeters

Garlic:1/2 putting

Ginger:1/4 putting

Curry powder:1 big spoon

Sugar:2 teaspoons

Miso:1 big spoon

1:The curry powder is put in a little hot water and melted. The Welsh onion, garlic, and ginger are minced respectively.

2:The salad oil is put in the frying-pan, and heat it by the medium flame. And, the garlic whole quantity and the half ginger whole quantity of the Welsh onion are put and stir-fried.

3:When the smell does, the minced meat is added to '2'. And, stir-fry well until the fire passes.

4:Sugar and the miso are added to '3' and it stir-fries for about 1 minute.

5:'1' is put in '4'. And, cook it until the fire is made a low flame, and moisture decreases. Afterwards, the remainder of the Welsh onion is added. And, it shuts off the heat.

6:It brings the water to the boil to another pan, and the bean sprout is boiled for about 1 minute.

7:'6' is piled up in the plate. And, '5' is put on that.


1:The curry roux might be acceptable when there is no curry powder.

2:"Curry miso" made from the process of 1-5 suits the vermicelli etc. besides the bean sprout.

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