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February 01, 2009

Brownie with peanut

February 1, 2009 07:31 PM | cooked , dessert , egg , microwave , recipes

Brownie with peanut Image*outline
The brownie can be easily made by using the cocoa instead of the pancake mix and the chocolate. The accent is added to the texture by holding the peanut in one's mouth. It does recommended as sweets that can be readily made.

Brownie with peanut Image*Ingredients
Pancake mix:200g


Butter(or margarine):90g

The yolk:As many as 1 piece



1:The butter 80g is put in the bowl, and melt it with the hot water cork. And, mix it adding the cocoa little by little. Please note that the part of the cocoa doesn't become hardening.

2:The yolk and water are mixed to '1' mixing it. And, the crushed peanut is mixed further in addition.

3:The pancake mix is added to '2' and mix it further.

4:The inside of the type is buttered. And, '3' is poured in the type.

5:Burn for 30 minutes with the heated oven 170 degrees.

6:Put out from the type and cool it.


1:You may put the nut and the apple cut in detail instead of the peanut.

2:Please mix the cocoa until the powder disappears.

3:Please do not do the burn with the hot water when you cork the hot water.

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