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February 14, 2009

Bean sprout chaozu

February 14, 2009 08:28 AM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Bean sprout chaozu Image*Ingredients
A chaozu popular as for the side dish and the switch of sake was made with the bean sprout as the material. The texture of the bean sprout improves delicious. And, the amount of meat can be a little. The calorie is suppressed.

Bean sprout chaozu Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout: 100g

Bird's minced meat: 80g

Versatility(or leek):4

Ginger:1 putting

Salt:A little

Skin of chaozu:12 pieces

Salad oil:Proper quantity

Vvinegar soy sauce: Proper quantity

1:Versatility is finely chopped. Ginger is finely chopped.

2:The bean sprout and the salt sweep are put in the bowl and massage well. And, time is made to cover with the lap, to put the plate, to make to the weight, and to be passed by about 10 minutes.

3:A minced meat, versatile, ginger, and the salt sweep are put in the bowl besides '2', it massages by the hand. It keeps massaging it until the stickiness goes out.

4:The water of the bean sprout of '2' is taken. And, mix it further often in addition to '3'.

5:'4' is put on the skin of the chaozu by about as many as one spoon, water is spread to the edge, the pleat is drawn, and encompass it.

6:The frying-pan is heated by the medium flame. And, the salad oil is added, and the chaozu is displayed. It burns until a burnt color appears to the face where it touches the frying-pan.

7:Water 50cc is added to '6' and cap it.

8:It takes the lid off, it makes to the high heat, and it burns when the moisture of '7' is lost.

9:The fire of '8' is stopped, it moves to the plate, and the vinegar soy sauce is sprinkled.


1:The purpose of adding the salt to the bean sprout and putting for a while is to take moisture. When other holding it in one's mouth in detail, let's firmly squeeze the water.

2:When moisture disappears when burning with the frying-pan, let's open the cap when that time comes because the sound changes.

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