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May 09, 2009

Miso flavor of bean sprout and thickness deep-frying

May 9, 2009 04:21 PM | cooked , main , microwave , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Miso flavor of bean sprout and thickness deep-frying Image*Outline
The dish with the volume feeling that can be done by an easy cooking. Moreover, the calorie is low in this. Gladness doubling. The article that can actually feel the blessing of nature.

Miso flavor of bean sprout and thickness deep-frying Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout:1/2 bags

Thickness deep-frying:1/2 pieces

Sugar:1/2 teaspoons

Soy sauce:1/4 teaspoons

Dish sake:1 teaspoon

Miso:1 teaspoon

1:The bean sprout is put on the plate. And, the thickness deep-frying cut in the size of 15mm is put on that.

2:Sugar, the soy sauce, the dish sake, and the miso are put in one container and mix it. And, put it on '1'. In addition, it covers on that with the Saranwrap.

3:'2' is heated with the microwave oven for 6 minutes.

4:'3' is put out from the microwave oven, the Saranwrap is removed once, and contents are mixed. And, leave just as it is for about 3 minutes putting the Saranwrap again.


1:When the silk sheath or the green peas boiled beforehand are put up at the end, coloring becomes beautiful, moreover.

2:You may prepare kneading Garashi a little, pile up in the plate, and match it.

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