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November 14, 2009

A biscuit croquette

November 14, 2009 11:00 AM | cooked , egg , main , meat , microwave , recipes , vegetable & fruit

A biscuit croquette Image*Outline
I crushed the biscuit which remained and made it clothes and made a croquette. Because the lump of the biscuit was left and makes it, it is being high-strung in the croquette which chewy, seem to be a cake which did it.

A biscuit croquette Image*Ingredients
A potato:5

Ground meat:100g

Salt, pepper:An appropriate amount

A biscuit(Kan-Pan):250g

An egg:1

Wheat flour:An appropriate amount

1:Put a biscuit in a plastic bag and crush it finely.

2:The potato barks it and cuts it to size of 3-5 centimeters. And I heat with a microwave oven for 5 minutes.

3:Smash '2' and sprinkle salt and pepper little by little.

4:Fry ground meat by a frying pan. And add it to '3'.

5:Round '4' in a ball type of a diameter of approximately 3 centimeters. And soak it in order of wheat flour, egg which stirred, '1'.

6:Heat oil to 180 degrees and fry '5'. If a color changes,put it on soup stock, a blotting paper from oil and drain off oil.


1:Because it is easy to be torn, the plastic bag should do it double.

2:You can have deliciously when you attach ketchup or sauce.

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