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December 27, 2009

A white ball adzuki bean spring roll

December 27, 2009 03:06 PM | cooked , dessert , recipes

A white ball adzuki bean spring roll Image*Outline
I made a slim white ball and I added bean jam to it and wound it up with a spring roll. It is slightly Chinese food-like Japanese-style friedcake. I can enjoy a rice cake rice cake and a feeling of two appetite which I did clunchily.

A white ball adzuki bean spring roll Image*Ingredients
The skin of the spring roll:5 pieces

A grain filling:100g

Refined rice flour:50g


Cinnamon: An appropriate amount

1:Add water to refined rice flour little by little and knead it till become the hardness of rubber with the flexibility.

2:Lengthen '1' by a stick of approximately 10 centimeters.

3:Boil '2' with hot water. And keep it intact for approximately 1 minute if rise and take it out. Put it on a blotting paper and drain off water well.

4:On the skin of the spring roll, pick you up by bean jam, '3', the order of the bean jam. And wind up the leather of the spring roll.

5:Lift up '4' in oil. If a leather color changes, put it on takeoff, a blotting paper from oil and cut oil.

6:Sprinkle cinnamon on '5'.


1:When add water to refined rice flour by a little. Harden it a little and will be better.

2:The person who wound it up diagonally can wind up the leather of the spring roll neatly.

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