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May 22, 2007

Chow mein style roasting of bean sprout in a covered pan

May 22, 2007 02:36 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Chow mein style roasting of bean sprout in a covered pan Image*Outline
This is a dish roasted in a covered pan after the bean sprout is seasoned in the source. It can enjoy the taste like the chow mein enough. If various materials such as eggs and bean curds are added, it becomes a gorgeous bean sprout dish.

Chow mein style roasting of bean sprout in a covered pan Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout: One bag(100-150g)
Source: 2-3 big spoons
Pepper: Proper quantity
Water: 30-50cc
Pork: 50g
The vegetable: Proper quantity of the favorite one.
Dried bonito: Two grips

1:Oil is paved in the frying-pan, and pork is stir-fried.

2:It stir-fries by the further street of the fire in addition of the vegetable when the fire passes to pork.

3:The bean sprout is added to the frying-pan, and in addition, the pepper and the source are sprinkled, and stir-fried for about 15 seconds while stir-frying.
4:Water is added to the frying-pan, largeness is cap to steam contents, and it steams for about two minutes.

5:The cap is opened, contents are mixed, it caps again, and it steams for about one minute.

6:It shuts off the heat, it piles up in the plate, and the dried bonito is sprinkled up.


1:It becomes deeply tasted in addition when the egg and the bean curd are put before it gets damp.

2:Narrowing of the bean sprout might be better. Thin one looks like the chow mein.

3:Please adjust water by the amount of the vegetable and the bean sprout. Evidence that inside water disappears when the sound that hears from the frying-pan is different. The fire doesn't pass enough to the bean sprout, and, in addition, add a small amount of water, please when water becomes too not early.

4:Good looks(and tastes) better if red pepper and sweet soy-beans bar are put.

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