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May 31, 2007

Hot vinegared dish dressing of bean sprout

May 31, 2007 02:11 PM | cooked , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

Hot vinegared dish dressing of bean sprout Image*Outline
This dish is dressing of the bean sprout with vinegar. The accent was added to the taste by putting the hot sesame oil in. The hospitalization food when I am being hospitalized. It is possible to make easily, and it can eat the bean sprout delicious.

Hot vinegared dish dressing of bean sprout Image*Ingredients
Bean sprout: 1/2 bags(100-150g)

Vinegar:Proper quantity

Hot sesame oil: Proper quantity

Sesame: A little

1:The bean sprout is boiled about 1-2 minutes by the hot water.

2:The hot water is often cut with the bamboo basket, and the bean sprout is put in the container.

3:It often mixes it sprinkling vinegar and the hot sesame oil on the boiled bean sprout.

4:Sesame is sprinkled on.


1:If the wakame seaweed and the tomato and the cucumber thinly sliced are put up to take the nutritional balance, it becomes the salad of a rich volume.

2:The boiling condition of the bean sprout is a favorite. The freshness of the bean sprout weakens if it boils it too much.

3:You may put sesame oil besides the hot sesame oil.

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