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May 31, 2007

Pumpkin fried sugar-coated dough(Pumpkin Karintoh)

May 31, 2007 02:05 PM | cooked , dessert , microwave , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Pumpkin fried sugar-coated dough Image*Outline
"fried sugar-coated dough(Karintoh)" is a cake to have encompassed the cloth made from wheat round which sugar twined by the melted raw sugar. This cloth was made a pumpkin. The sweetness of the pumpkin becomes a flavor besides raw sugar. The cake that can enjoy two sweetness.

Pumpkin fried sugar-coated dough Image*Ingredients
Pumpkin: 200 grams

Raw sugar: 50 grams

Frying oil: Proper quantity

Black sesame: A little

1:The skin of the pumpkin is peeled off. And, it heats it with the microwave oven for about 1 minute.

2:The heated pumpkin is long and slenderly cut.

3:'2'pumpkins are beautifully deep-fried to the low temperature of about 150 degrees until becoming light brown by the heated frying oil.

4:The deep-fried pumpkin puts on the oil switching off paper, and cuts oil.

5:Raw sugar is crushed in detail. And, the small quantity of water is added to raw sugar, it puts in the pan, and it puts it on the fire of the low flame. And, it melts it until the stickiness goes out while often mixing it.

6:It puts it on the pumpkin with which the melting raw sugar is deep-fried.

7:Sesame is sprinkled on the pumpkin.


1:When the fire is made strong when raw sugar is melted, it is burned.

2:When the pumpkin and raw sugar are heated, it is very hot. Note the burn.

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