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July 01, 2007

Deep-fried potato with flour jam

July 1, 2007 11:53 AM | cooked , microwave , recipes , side , vegetable & fruit

 Deep-fried potato with flour jam  Image*Outline
The dish that lightly deep-fries flour to the potato mixing it, and added Japanese style "flour jam " and made from potato starch up. It can enjoy an elegant tasting like the lenten fare.

 Deep-fried potato with flour jam  Image*Ingredients
Potato:3 pieces


Potato starch(flour): Three big spoons

Seasoning soup: 400cc

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

Mirin:1 big spoon

1:The potato is washed in water, and the skin is peeled off. And, it cuts in two and it encompasses it with the Saranwrap. And, it heats it with the microwave oven for about 4 minutes.

2:The heated potato is cut in 2 further or 3. It 4-6 divides from a potato.

3:Potato starch (flour) is sprinkled to '2' and it fries in oil lightly.

4:Seasoning soup, the soy sauce, and the mirin are mixed. The radish is rubbed, grated, put in that, and it boils up with the lamplight when heating.

5:Potato starch that puts water in and often mixes it is added to '4', and "Slowness(Toromi)" is put out.

6:'3' is put on the plate and '4' is put.


1:The dried bonito and the soy sauce are substituted for water in addition when there is no Seasoning soup.

2:The grated radish is put immediately before shutting off the heat.

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