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October 18, 2007

Pan grilling style udon noodle

October 18, 2007 10:55 AM | cooked , meat , microwave , recipes , staple , vegetable & fruit

Pan grilling style udon noodle Image*Outline
The pan grilling noodle that got warm the body was made with the microwave oven. Because it is possible to make it easily as long as the material can be prepared, it does recommended to become tired and so as not to cook so much. Moreover, it is fit when there is no appetite catch a cold and fallen physical strength.

Pan grilling style udon noodle Image*Ingredients
Udon Noodle:1 package

The meat between pigs small:50g

Seasoning soup:200cc

Mirin:1 big spoon

Soy sauce:1 big spoon

Sugar:A little

Welsh onion:Proper quantity

Mushroom:Proper quantity

1:Meat is cut small between pigs small.

2:Noodle, mushroom, '1', Seasoning soup, the mirin, the soy sauce, and it puts sugar in in the earthenware pot(Usual heatproof container in case of not being). And, it heats it with the microwave oven for 6 minutes.

3:The Welsh onion carved for '2' is put.


1:You may put the chicken thigh meat between pigs small instead of meat.

2:The volume feeling goes out when the boiled fish paste and naruto, etc. are put besides the Welsh onion.

3:Please sprinkle the cayenne pepper etc. in the favorite.

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