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November 10, 2007

Apple agar-agar

November 10, 2007 02:33 PM | cooked , dessert , microwave , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Apple agar-agar Image*Outline
The agar-agar of the taste neatly made from the apple and the lemon. It is possible to make it from few materials. A beautiful pink color lacks and sets up the appetite. Straight oral after it eats the greasy one is recommended.

Apple agar-agar Image*Ingredients



Powder agar-agar:4g

Lemon:1/2 pieces

1:The apple is beautifully washed. And, it cuts it in shape like the leaf of the ginkgo with the skin. And, it leaves it until it puts in a heatproof container, sugar is sprinkled, and moisture comes out.

2:When moisture comes out in the apple of '1', it heats it with the microwave oven for 5 minutes without wrapping it as it is.

3:It makes it like the paste to straining the apple of '2'.

4:Water and agar-agar are put in the pan and it often mixes it. And, agar-agar is melted heating it while mixing it further. When agar-agar melts, it cooks it further adding the apple of '3'.

5:To squeeze soup easily, the lemon is cut.

6:When the apple of '4' mixes, it shuts off the heat. And, it mixes it squeezing the lemon of '5' and adding soup.

7:'6' is poured in the container where agar-agar is cooled. When hot disappears, it cools it with the refrigerator.


1:The apple doesn't mix with agar-agar well if it doesn't strain it. Let's hold out though it takes time. When the heating time of the microwave oven is made a little long, it becomes easy to strain.

2:If the lemon is not put, it doesn't become a pink color.

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