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November 11, 2007

Apple doughnut

November 11, 2007 01:41 PM | cooked , dessert , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Apple doughnut Image*Outline
Because it is difficult to make the doughnut a ring, the fruit doughnut made by thinking, "Let's cut the apple in the doughnut type and encompass it with clothes of Donarts". The sweetness of the apple is suitable for the doughnut well. Moreover, being able to enjoy a soft feeling of the doughnut and the texture of the apple at the same time is a point.

Apple doughnut Image*Ingredients

Pancake mix:150g

Hard tofu:50g

Milk:1 big spoon

Granulated sugar:Proper quantity

1:The apple is beautifully washed. And, it turns to the skin. In addition, it makes it to the round slices of 3 centimeters in thickness. The wick at the center is turned over at the end.

2:It often mixes it until the hard tofu and milk are added to the pancake mix, and the part of the powder disappears. It leaves it for about 15 minutes when finishing mixing it.

3:'2' twines round the whole of '1' like clothes.

4:It deep-fries for about 5 minutes with '3' made a low flame with the oil of 180 degrees.

5:The oil of '4' is cut well. And, granulated sugar is sprinkled.


1:When the powder remains or the cloth is firm, milk or 1-2 big spoon glasses of water are added in the place where the bean curd and milk are mixed with the pancake mix.

2:It can enjoy the texture assumed to be possession possession by adjusting the amount of the pancake mix to 75g, and making the remainder rice flour or a tapioca powder.

3:When the wick is turned over, it might be good to use the shape pulling out container. The apple might crack if the spoon is used.

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