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November 13, 2007

Boiled food of beating burdock and beef

November 13, 2007 01:42 PM | cooked , main , meat , recipes , vegetable & fruit

Boiled food of beating burdock and beef Image*Outline
The boiled food with very good taste by which a fibered full burdock caught the taste with a massive beef. Salted and sweetened seasoning is exactly suitable for rice.

Boiled food of beating burdock and beef Image*Ingredients


Soy sauce:2 big spoons

Sugar:1 teaspoon

Mirin:3 big spoons

Sesame oil:1 teaspoon

Small Welsh onion:Proper quantity

Seven spices cayenne pepper:Proper quantity

Vinegar:2 big spoons

1:The burdock is beautifully washed. And, the skin is taken. In addition, after it beats with the noodle stick etc. , it cuts in two into the vertical direction. In addition, it cuts it in the length of 5-6 centimeters.

2:'1' is put in water that adds vinegar, and it leaves it for about 10 minutes.

3:The burdock is taken out of '2' and water is drained.

4:Sesame oil is put in the pan and it heats it. And, the burdock of '3' is stir-fried. It stir-fries further adding beef when oil does to the burdock and it sees.

5:When the fire passes to beef (When discoloring), sugar, the mirin, and the soy sauce are added. And, it cooks with the gas turned low.

6:When the boiling soup decreases, it shuts off the heat adding a small Welsh onion. Please sprinkle it by the favor of the seven spices cayenne pepper when it piles it up in the plate.


1:The fire doesn't pass if the burdock is not cut in narrowing.

2:It beats before the burdock is cut because there is a superstition "Do not use cutlery for the burdock". It is actually the same as the beating of the steak meat. The purpose is to do in splinters and to soften fibered in a word.

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